Show Prep and Meal Plans

Bryan Raymond brings more than 20 years of experience in the professional training sphere, and 10 years of experience in competitive bodybuilding, to the creation of a dieting experience unlike any other for you. Whether you are looking to compete on a professional or amateur level, or simply want to look and feel your absolute best and truly transform your life, a customized meal plan and training regime is only a click away. Bryan Raymond knows what works based on his own time spent training and competing, and will custom tailor a perfect plan whether you are weightlifting for the first time or are a seasoned veteran.

Every single Progress and Pride athlete receives a program that is theirs and theirs alone. No two programs are exactly the same! This unique program has been created to meet your specific lifestyle goals and needs. At Progress and Pride you are more than just another athlete to us, you are family, and we always help our own in every way we can.

Women’s Competition Prep

If you are currently a Bikini, Figure or Physique competitor, or are looking to become one in the future, we have a perfect, unique plan for you. You will receive an entirely personalized plan which will help you from the day you start it to the day when you finally get on stage and wow the judges and crowd. Each program is designed around your specific metabolism, body composition and what your current physique is. A typical plan takes somewhere between 6 to 12 weeks to complete, but do vary in length depending on where your starting point is.

What do these plans include?

  • Complete and comprehensive daily meal and nutrition plans, based on the competition timeline, your own diet preferences and body composition.
  • Your own (custom of course) daily weightlifting exercise program
  • Daily cardio focused on your specific needs
  • Meticulous diet and training program for the week leading up to your competition
  • Recommendations for supplement, vitamin and overall health
  • Weekly check-ins and any adjustments necessary to your training and diet
  • Posing sessions with you and the other athletes
  • Recommendations for your show
  • Detailed assistance with choosing the perfect competition suit, jewelry and hair/makeup style, based only on you
Progress and Pride Women's Competition Prep
$800 for the full 5 months, coached by Bryan Raymond
$175 per month

Off-season programs are also available upon request, for the same rate.

Men’s Competition Prep

Whether you are looking to compete for the first time, or are a seasoned veteran at battling with Physique and Bodybuilding competitions, you will receive a program fashioned for you and you alone which will be your guide and friend (or enemy) throughout it’s 5 month period. Each of these plans is specifically for you, and is custom made to your individual physique, metabolism and body composition.

What do these plans include?

  • Daily meal and nutrition plans which are hand crafted to your specific competition timeline, current physique and body composition
  • A perfect daily weightlifting schedule for you
  • Daily custom cardo guide
  • Comprehensive and individualized training programs and diet, adjusted for the few critical weeks before competition
  • Supplement and vitamin recommendations crafted to bring you the results you desire fastest and most effectively
  • Weekly checks on progress, with adjustments to your training and diet on a per need basis
  • Posing sessions with you and the other athletes
  • Recommendations for your show
  • Total assistance with choosing your competition wear, your tanning program and music selection for your bodybuilding routines
$800 for the full 5 months, coached by Bryan Raymond
$175 per month

Off-season programs are also available upon request, for the same period and rate.

Progress and Pride Men's Competition Prep


We also offer online coaching and personal training for anyone who just wants to look (and feel!) better than they do now. Overall health is incredibly important to us.

No matter what you are aiming to achieve, we can help you with your loftiest goals. Whether you are looking to tone up a bit, pack on some serious muscle, lose weight, or simply feel better in your own skin, we have a plan for you. We pride ourselves on offering the best fully individualized programs, including a meal plan based solely on your own nutritional needs and goals, and an exercise program which is based on your entire body, and where you want to see it move towards.

$175 per month
Progress and Pride Personal Training

Additional Services


A completely fleshed out one-time weightlifting and cardio program

$75 per plan

A one time meal plan based on your individual needs, fully detailed

$75 per meal plan

A personalized posing routine which is custom made to complement your body type, practiced in a group

$50 per hour

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